Why Make the Switch to the Cloud?

Diagram of cloud communications

In today’s changing technology landscape, finding the right communications partner for your business phone services is a tremendous boon. Having a powerful infrastructure in place, the ability to resolve issues remotely, strong mobile and collaborative capabilities – these factors improve and simplify the management of your company’s communications system. A cloud Unified Communications solution streamlines the flow of business operations.

Don’t Let Winter Disrupt Your Business

Snowy winter road

Imagine a blizzard coming down, blanketing the roads in a white sheet, making driving conditions impossible. Maybe you woke up ill, with not enough energy (or sensibly not wanting to share a bug with your co-workers) to physically make it into the office.

Mobility is one key feature of a cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution that comes in handy when weather or life becomes too problematic to make it into the office. With a strong UC telephony solution in place, your staff can utilize its features to work effectively regardless of their physical location. There is no need to slow operations or lose sales because of the weather. Make sure your UC system can perform no matter what the season throws our way.

Basic Requirements for a UCaaS Solution


Exploring the options on a Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) telephony solution that fits your organization can be time consuming. Luckily, we have the internet at our fingertips for some immediate research to lay the groundwork. This infographic illustrates some key elements to look for when searching for a cloud communications service provider.

Why Hosted Communications?

Sunlight on Clouds, Why Hosted Communications

People have been talking about the cloud for quite some time. Now that most of us see the capabilities of hosted (cloud) solutions, we understand how helpful it can be within our business. The cloud is safe and secure to work with and can be one of your company’s most vital tools for cost-effective growth, offering a wealth of built-in benefits, like business continuity and disaster recovery in case of an emergency.

4 Requirements of a UCaaS Solution

5 Questions to ask about Unified Communications.

Unified communications (UC) can dramatically improve productivity. Implementing unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provides the additional benefit of built-in infrastructure; helping to keep your customers happy and your staff all on the same page. There are many different aspects to look for when deciding which UCaaS provider to go with, but these are some of the main requirements to keep in mind.

NEC Security Technology

NEC Global Cloud Investments Diagram

With the amount of hackers increasing worldwide, cyber security is a vital component of your business. NEC takes security seriously. With cloud infrastructure, much of the security for your communications solution is built in. Multi-layer security actions automatically provide the precautions needed to ensure your company’s data safety. Add the built-in disaster recovery features of cloud-based communications, and your company is sure to thrive – even when nature is not on your side.