UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC

BC summit, UC summit

At the 2015 BC Summit/UC Summit in La Jolla, California, NEC pulled back the curtain on their latest offering: UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services. Jay Krauser, Director, Business Development Cloud Services NEC, introduced the cloud communications solution.

BC Summit 2015

Hosted by UC Strategies, the BC Summit is widely attended and immensely popular with business communications vendors, solutions integrators, consultants and enterprise customers. Speakers at the event include leading industry advisers, analysts and consultants in unified communications. UC Strategies, established in 2006, is a leading industry resource for enterprises and vendors interested in the fast-emerging arena of unified communications.

A New Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

UNIVERGE BLUE offers a full suite of cloud communications services – voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing and a contact center – in a solution that can be deployed in a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid of on-premise and Cloud.

Designed for powerful, reliable and secure performance, UNIVERGE BLUE is a product of One NEC, a solid foundation of NEC technology: Fault Tolerance servers, data centers, SDN, software and global cyber-security. From the application layer to the platform and infrastructure layers, UNIVERGE BLUE is built to enable businesses to move into the cloud with confidence.


  • Architected for high availability, 99.999 percent
  • Multi-tenant, enterprise-grade security and encryption
  • 24/7 support and system monitoring
  • Supports private, hybrid and public cloud UC deployments
  • Voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing and contact center solutions

A Century of Business Tradition

Today, all organizations, no matter what sector or size, are under constant pressure to adapt to the faster-paced, mobile-focused world. Changing demands lead to stress on an organization’s workforce and budget, creating new challenges in staying competitive.

With UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC, you have a communications partner trusted around the world, a global leader in technology with a history of business continuity, innovation and strong investments in infrastructure.

Business Communications in the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services is built to empower your business with the tools it needs to stay competitive. Take advantage of the feature-rich cloud-based services to improve the productivity, responsiveness and accessibility of your business while decreasing overall costs.

Learn more at www.univergeblue.com