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The UNIVERGE BLUE team had a chance to meet with Gordon Maccani, CEO and President of DTC Communications in Southern California. In this video, Gordon talks about business communications, the changes brought to the market by technology, and the benefits of Business Cloud Services for organizations of all sizes.


The name of the company is Digital Telecommunications Corporation. We go by DTC now. We were founded in 1982, and we started out selling your basic telephone system to businesses from all over the place.

It’s been an interesting 30-plus years, but if you are in the high-tech industry, which we are, you always have to keep one foot in the future. And you always have to be looking at the changes within the marketplace, and be willing to make those changes to your company.

You can’t hold on to the past. It becomes an anchor.

Where I see Cloud playing a big part, especially in a small business organization, is you can get advanced features that would be relatively hard to deploy. Whereas, with Cloud, you’re relieved from having somebody internal in order to manage your systems for you. They become managed outside. That’s the real value.

  • Cloud = Flexibility
  • Cloud = Test New Features
  • Cloud = Ability to Scale

NEC differentiated themselves hugely against the competition. Every part of their cloud offering is built by NEC. They’re providing the complete package.

We probably have customers that are under 10 telephones. We have customers that take care of small cities, colleges. We have companies that have facilities – 60, 70, 80 – facilities throughout United States.

This is one of the reasons why I chose NEC as a product. Prior to being with NEC, the product I had, had limitations. You can only go this many stations, you can only go this scale…and my bigger customers always outgrew me.

You can start small with NEC. And you can grow to a global presence using all NEC. You’ll never outgrow the system.

You always have to keep one leg in the future, because things are changing. And if you’re not willing to change, your marketplace is going to shrink.

My name is Gordon Maccani. The name of our company is Digital Telecommunications Corporation, DTC. We are an NEC Lighthouse distributor. We’re also an NEC Triple Diamond dealer. Outside of Japan, we are one of 10 largest dealers in the world.

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