Cloud Confusion

Business Cloud Services

Analyst Dave Michels and Jay Krauser of NEC recently presented a webinar hosted by No Jitter and Enterprise Connect. They covered an extensive overview of cloud technology and its impact on the global marketplace. Topics included everything from what is meant by cloud communications, to the development of aluminum beer can technology.

Why is Cloud Important?

Dave Michels began by addressing the tremendous amount of confusion about cloud. In his words, “Ask experts 5 simple questions about cloud and you’re likely to get 6 answers. Despite the confusion, Cloud is one of the most transformational things happening in the communications industry right now.”

“Christmas was brought to the US via the Cloud in 2015.”

The National Institute of Science and Technology considers cloud technology so important they’ve prepared an official definition of Cloud for use in government adoption:

  • On-demand self service
  • Broad network access
  • Resource pooling
  • Rapid elasticity
  • Measured service

Predicting the Future vs. Pay as You Go

Imagine you’re buying a car. Prior to purchasing, you do a little research based on your current and projected needs. You buy your car. And then you change jobs, you relocate, you have an addition to the family. You have an investment in that car you’ve purchased such that you can’t easily trade it in for a vehicle more suited to your new situation.

With a pay as you go solution, you aren’t locked in. You can make adjustments as things change. It lowers your risk by a substantial margin. You don’t need to invest substantial capital to try the Cloud. There isn’t the long term commitment requiring you to predict the future needs of your business communications.

Prime Drivers and Benefits of Cloud

  • Outsourced IT
  • Multi-location/teleworker
  • Faster installs and upgrades
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability

Cloud Communications

Jay Krauser focuses on business communications in the cloud – be it private, public or hybrid cloud solutions – as well as tracking the development of the technology and its adoption in the market. He wraps up the webinar with a case study of a hybrid cloud communications deployment – a retail chain with over 3,000 store locations that is seeing an estimated savings of $1 million annually.

Watch the webinar at No Jitter or download our free white paper, The Case for Cloud Communications.