Podcast: NEC’s Path to the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE Cloud Communications

UC Strategies’ Jim Burton speaks with Jay Krauser, Director, Business Development Cloud Services, about NEC’s move into cloud communications and the value of stability. At the UC Summit three years ago, Jay addressed NEC’s requirements for a move to the Cloud: reliability, security and ease of use – not only for end users, but also for channel partners. These requirements highlighted NEC’s roots as an engineering-based, conservative, technology company.

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NEC debuted UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services last November at the BC Summit, where Jay introduced the private, public and hybrid cloud communications solution.

In a podcast hosted by UC Strategies, Jim and Jay talk about a key component of UNIVERGE BLUE – the value proposition of stability.

5 Highlights of the Podcast

  1. As a global leader in communications technology, NEC is a single-vendor provider. One NEC is a term that encompasses phones, servers, software and infrastructure – from the application layer to the network foundation, UNIVERGE BLUE takes advantage of NEC’s complete intellectual property portfolio.
  2. In NEC’s history, there aren’t any drastic changes in the course of the company. No massive mergers, buy-outs, closings, failed SEC investigations, risky venture-based funding, financial peril, etc. NEC brings 100+ years of engineering and technology experience to UNIVERGE BLUE.
  3. With a cloud communications solution, if your provider goes down for any reason, it could take hours, days or even weeks to replace or restore the system. This makes the reliability of the technology and stability of the company vital concerns. The provider truly become a business partner. This is why UNIVERGE BLUE was engineered for 99.999% uptime, with geo-redundancy and disaster recovery built into the data center network.
  4. NEC’s approach to cloud communications encompassed the business needs of many verticals: retail, hospitality, education, government, and more. A product of this research is the ability to deploy UNIVERGE BLUE in a private, public or hybrid cloud solution.
  5. Choosing a communications solution is now a business decision, not a technology decision. Cloud communications is transitioning communications technology away from a locked-in, capital expenditure model to an operating expense with the ability to scale, adding new features and users on demand, and the flexibility to operate in multiple locations from a single administration panel in the Cloud.

NEC took their time with cloud communications. Rather than rushing to market in an effort to be the first, they focused on delivering a robust, reliable and secure solution that can be customized to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries. UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services is the result – voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing and a contact center solution – delivered from a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Download the podcast at UC Strategies or preview the selection of resources at univergeblue.com to learn more about hosted VoIP and business cloud communications.