Are You Prepared for the Next Holiday Rush?

Seasonal challenges for retailers don’t end with the holidays. Another kind of rush begins. Customer support demands peak: addressing customer concerns, answering questions, processing returns and exchanges.

Poor Communications Can Shatter Customer Loyalty

It’s far easier to lose a customer than it is to regain their trust and support. More than 50 percent of consumers have abandoned a purchase or switched to another company due to poor customer service.

Consider that nearly 70 percent of customers feel they’re kept on hold for too long, or hang up when they can’t reach a live representative. Many consumers, particularly millennials, prefer to use the Internet rather than making a phone call. But approximately 45 percent will cancel an online transaction if their concerns aren’t quickly addressed.

With the massive influx of customers during the holiday season, staff and contact centers have to be able to keep up with demand. Automated attendants are useful for directing callers to the right department but become useless if no one in that department can answer the phone.

Customer Satisfaction & the Cloud

Good service means customer retention. If a customer has a positive experience with a retailer one year, they’ll return the next and recommend it to others. While a single bad experience can mean the loss of a customer, a great experience can keep them, their friends and relatives coming back for years. Support is the key to a good consumer experience and loyalty.

70 percent of consumers are willing to spend more with a company that provides exceptional customer service.

One of the key features of a cloud-based communication solution is scalability. Contact center seats can be easily added or removed as needed. Expand your capacity with the holiday rush and return to normal once it’s over. Cloud removes some of the guesswork, allowing retailers to pay only for the resources they use. The provider shoulders the costs of the infrastructure, maintenance and upgrades.

For retailers and customer support teams, it’s always time to prepare for the next holiday season. The stakes are too high in terms of potential revenue and customer satisfaction to leave anything to chance. Fortunately, the cloud makes it possible for you to effectively and affordably meet your customers’ service expectations, ensuring everyone will have a happy holidays.

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