6 Benefits of Cloud UC

6 Benefits of Cloud UC

Cloud was the hot topic at Enterprise Connect 2016. The interest level of enterprise executives was at an all-time high, clearly illustrating the move from traditional communications systems to cloud-based solutions is on the rise.

Why the excitement? Putting aside factors such as upfront costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), we’ve created this infographic featuring what we perceive to be six key benefits of cloud-based Unified Communications solutions.


Six Benefits of Cloud UC infographic

Lower Risk of Obsolescence

The UC provider is responsible for keeping the system up to date with the latest technologies. As a service subscriber, you always have access to the latest features and functionality.

Easily Scale with Business Growth

Cloud service allows you to easily add more users as needed, or even adjust your workforce to meet seasonal demands. Increase and reduce capacity to meet your business needs and avoid paying for unused capacity.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

With a cloud-based unified communications solution, disaster recovery and business continuity features are typically built into the infrastructure using the provider’s geo-redundant data center locations and automated backup features.

Freedom from Maintaining Infrastructure

A cloud service provider allows you to keep your workforce focused on your business. Why shoulder the expense of keeping qualified telecommunication and IT technicians on staff.

Predictable OPEX Allows Dependable Budget Planning

Regardless of technology changes, business requirement changes, adding new locations and staff – as a subscription-based service your UC solution will remain a predictable monthly operating expense.

Remove the Boundaries to a Mobile, Distributed Workforce

Why be restricted by location for hiring the best people for the job, for collaborating with co-workers, for communicating in the field or between offices. Cloud removes the location barriers for effective unified communications and collaboration.

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