UNIVERGE BLUE – Top Cloud Solution for Second Year in Row

Fireworks to celebrate UNIVERGE BLUE Award

UNIVERGE BLUE, Business Cloud Services by NEC achieved the highest overall score in the Cloud Communications RFP at the Enterprise Connect 2016 Conference, as well as the highest score in all three individual categories:

  • Architecture
  • Features
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

The competitive session, open to all major cloud communications vendors, was conducted by David Stein, Principal at Stein Technology Consulting Group.

Cloud-Hybrid UC Competition

Enterprise Connect is a leading conference for business communications and collaboration. At this year’s Enterprise Connect session, A UCaaS/Hybrid RFP: What Can Cloud Providers Deliver?, cloud communications providers competed in a simulated Request for Proposal (RFP) modeled on recent real-case scenarios encountered by Stein Technology Consulting Group.

Participating vendors must answer questions related to their solutions’ architecture, features, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over a 5 year period. In the RFP exercise, both hybrid and cloud solutions are combined for an overall Unified Communications RFP. The ratings scale awards 50 percent of the score to functional/technical requirements, 25 percent to architecture requirements, and the final 25 percent to pricing.

The primary objective of these workshops is to help SMBs and enterprises prepare, write and evaluate their own RFP document. The session included a range of topics:  examining key trends and offerings from leading suppliers for cloud and hybrid cloud deployments; the strengths and weaknesses of these vendor offerings; and assigning subjective rankings based on architecture, functionality and cost.


For the 2nd year in a row, NEC has been awarded the top spot as the best cloud UC/telephony solution in the RFP competition.

To read more about the RFP session and Enterprise Connect 2016, visit our preview of Enterprise Connect 2016 results and NEC Today.

Details about last year’s results can be downloaded in our 2015 UC RFP Whitepaper.

View the RFP UCaaS/Hybrid Presentation for the RFP workshop on SlideShare.

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