8 Keys to a Successful Cloud UC Deployment

8 Keys to a Successful Cloud UC Deployment

Deploying any new system for your organization can be a challenging process. When that system is a communications solution – and thus critical to connecting your people with each other and the world – the stakes are high.


With planning and preparation, a new unified communications platform can be deployed with minimal interruption to operations. While the benefits of a unified communications solution are well documented, here are eight keys to the successful deployment of a cloud-based UC communications solution.

Infographic - 8 Keys to a Successful Cloud UC Deployment

Due Diligence – Find the Right Cloud UC for Your Business

Start with the basics, addressing your current communication needs and future plans.

Leverage Your Existing Investments – Don’t Rip & Replace

Examine your options, not just providers, but the actual systems and platforms. Improving your communications solution does not have to mean abandoning your existing investment.

Optimize Your Expense and Budget Forecasts

Careful analysis of the total cost of ownership of a UC solution can clarify your options.

Take Advantage of Cloud Management Tools

Not all cloud UC solutions are the same, look beyond the basic features and investigate the infrastructure behind it.

Be Mobile – Merge Personal Devices with the Cloud Solution

BYOD is unavoidable in today’s marketplace. Ensure your new UC solution is mobile-ready and capable of integrating employee-owned devices.

Understand Cloud Security – Vulnerabilities & Strengths

Every hosted UC communications provider’s offering should include physically secure, geo-redundant data centers with 24/7 security and system monitoring.

Staff Orientation & Training

A well designed interface can smooth adoption rates among employees, but providing a basic training of new UC capabilities will reap significant productivity benefits.

Plan for Future Business Needs

A major benefit of a cloud UC solution is the ability to adapt to future business needs. Be sure the provider you chose can scale with your business and integrate new technologies.

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