Dedication to Telephony Customer Service

Kansas City Royals

We recently had a chance to sit down for a discussion with Bruce Gibbs, President of ServiceMark Telecom in Kansas City, a UNIVERGE BLUE Associate. Among the many subjects covered in the resulting podcast were the relationship of NEC with local businesses and its emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We’re experiencing a national and global shift to the internet as the principle channel for most communications technologies. Cable companies have shifted their business focus to internet as the means of content delivery, while phone companies are refusing to maintain copper wire infrastructure, investing in digital fiber networks instead. Disruptive companies like Google are wiring entire cities onto the information superhighway while municipalities are building their own internet infrastructure.

From small businesses to enterprise, U.S. companies are considering a hosted, cloud-based solution for their telephony needs. But, as with any emerging technology, while the rewards in cost-savings and productivity can be substantial, the risks associated with a bad choice can be expensive.

Telephony Churn

Many companies are following the siren call of new technology and leap into the waters without careful due diligence. This explains the high rate of churn (customer turnover) many VoIP telephony providers are experiencing.

Too few providers seek to test a potential customer’s internet connection for bandwidth (capacity) and quality. Insufficiencies in either can lead to poor call quality, far below that of a traditional phone system. Combine that with a failure to deliver the functionality and features promised by sales teams, and you have a recipe for unhappy customers, which leads to high churn rates.

A Business Partnership for Phone Services

One of the most interesting perspectives that came out of our podcast with Bruce is his conviction that a phone services provider see themselves as a partner with every business and organization they work with.

When any business or organization entrusts their communications infrastructure to a telephony services provider, they should have a partner relationship. It’s no longer a sell, install and walk away paradigm. They rely on each other to focus and deliver on their goals. The customer uses the communications infrastructure as a tool for their success. The telephony provider depends on monthly recurring revenue to maintain and upgrade infrastructure, while developing new communications technologies. In a true partnership, neither can succeed without the other’s success.

NEC’s Approach to Business Cloud Services

When a local business contracts for cloud-based unified communications services with UNIVERGE BLUE, they are partnering with NEC, a global leader in communications technology. But they are seeing the face of a local dealer; trained and certified phone technology professionals from their own area who partner with NEC to deliver business cloud services from NEC to their neighbors.

The Value of Trust

Most hosted telephony providers promise 99.999% uptime and 24/7 support, but few provide a level of service that goes beyond an anonymous response from a call center.

When considering a partnership with a unified communications provider, be sure to examine the quality of that 24/7 support. When issues arise, what response can you expect? What should be the quality of support when that business phone infrastructure is a vital component of your business needs? In a partnership, what is the value of trust?

In the Kansas City region? Visit the ServiceMark Telecom website or call them at 816-478-2000 to learn more about unified communications and hosted cloud services.

Visit the UNIVERGE BLUE Resources webpage to download brochures, free white papers, and more about cloud-based business phone services.