Mobility: At Your Desk, Even When You’re Not

Diagram - UNIVERGE BLUE Mobility

The mobility features in UNIVERGE BLUE offer you maximum flexibility throughout your work day. The goal of unified communications is to stay connected through the device and mode of your choice – voice, instant messaging, email, presence and conferencing. Using cloud-based communications services means that if you have internet access, including from a smartphone, all your unified communications tools are available at your fingertips.

Any Device, Anywhere

UNIVERGE BLUE employs a user-centric model, allowing you to have multiple devices, all controlled by a single user interface on your smartphone or computer. Any device capable of using a ten digit number can work – a smartphone,  home phone, even a tablet or laptop. Mobile calls can be delivered via a cellular network, data plan or WiFi. The UNIVERGE BLUE mobile clients include full soft phone capabilities, allowing calls made from any device to parallel an office experience.

Diagram - UNIVERGE BLUE Mobility

Moving Calls to the Right Device

Imagine you are about to leave your office but someone calls. You answer it on your desk phone. It looks like the conversation may be a long one, so you click on MOVE and transfer the call to your smartphone. Your smartphone rings, you answer. Your caller on the other end is completely unaware you moved the call. You continue your conversation as you leave the office.

The mobile client for UNIVERGE BLUE is similar in use and presentation to the desktop client. When an incoming call is received, it shows up on a UC desktop client. By hovering over the MOVE button, a list of your available devices is presented.

A Seamless Call Experience

Or, you’re on your way to work – an incoming call hits your desk phone. The call is “twinned” to your mobile device. You answer. To the caller it appears you are at your desk. As you walk in and start your PC, you highlight the MOVE button and move the call to your desk phone.

You place a call with the UNIVERGE BLUE mobile client – the person you call sees your business Caller ID. When you arrive at your office, simply transfer the call to your desk phone using the move button.

Be “In the Office” No Matter Where You Are

Going mobile is a reality in today’s world. Your business shouldn’t be the exception. Don’t be chained to a desk to be productive. Stay current with a full suite of the latest communications technologies no matter where you are.

Visit the UNIVERGE BLUE Resources webpage and download the Business Cloud Communications brochure to learn more about mobile features and all the capabilities and advantages available to your business with UNIVERGE BLUE.