Non-Unified Communications

Lightning in the Cloud

Google has wrapped their I/O 2016 conference with announcements of two new products – Duo and Allo – video chat and instant messaging, respectively. They join an ever-expanding collection of digital communications applications aimed at consumers that includes:

Many of these applications are making their way into the workplace due to the current BYOD trend. Most work well for individuals. Their very existence proves the need for these types of communications applications. However, almost all share a common, major problem – a complete failure to meet business, enterprise and government operations requirements.

Perils of Consumer-focused Communications

  • Security issues
  • Reliability issues
  • Retention and storage issues
  • Regulations and compliance failures
  • No group management of applications
  • No integration with a comprehensive communications suite

The list goes on and on. While these applications provide a wide array of convenient methods to stay in touch, no matter your location – within the same office, a different building, state, nation or even another continent – they can cause major headaches to IT professionals.

Business-Class Communications

Consumer driven technology is driving the bus for the first time, not business needs or IT departments. This provides workers with a wealth of new communication tools – messaging, mobility features, presence, conferencing – all available at price points inconceivable ten years ago. Because of this plethora of chat and messaging applications, consumers expect to use them to communicate with a business or organization. The challenge becomes, not IF your business should use them, but WHICH applications to use. And these applications must meet professional standards and requirements.

Fortunately, major communications technology companies like NEC are paying attention. Backed by track record for innovation that spans over one hundred years, NEC’s cloud-based business unified communications service, UNIVERGE BLUE, provides a complete set of these features and applications in a single solution. Easily customized to meet a variety of needs, UNIVERGE BLUE includes voice, mobility features, messaging, presence, conferencing, even a contact center solution – all supplied via the cloud, with centralized control and built-in disaster recovery.

Unified Communications in the Cloud

Digital communications are ubiquitous: voice, video, messaging, etc. Can your business afford to be out of the loop, to not participate in the conversation? It’s time to upgrade. Do your research. Pay attention to the buzz, but listen with caution. Take the time to find the right unified communications provider, with customizable services to fit your specific needs.

Why not start your due diligence on the UNIVERGE BLUE Resources webpage. All the content is free to download. While you’re there, take a moment to explore the rest of the site and see what BLUE can do to meet your communications needs.