Multi-site Business Telephony

Road to Cloud Communications

Opening a new business location is a great deal of work. Why would you add to the task with a traditional phone system when a cloud-based telephony system is faster, easier and costs less?

Traditionally, every business location needed its own set of copper wires and PBX hardware – typically stored in a back room or closet – for a phone system. With unified communications as a service (UCaaS), a virtual PBX in the cloud serves all your business locations – no matter their size or distance – with a single centralized control console. This also allows integration for remote workers, providing them with the same phone features as someone at an office desk.

Flexible & Agile Cloud Communications

Cloud takes the burden of communications infrastructure off your books, replacing it with a single, predictable monthly payment. Provision, deploy and begin using a powerful, user-friendly communications solution while greatly reducing the initial capital investment.

The infrastructure is already in place with cloud. Just choose a package or customize your own services; you’ll be online and your people empowered without delay.

Scale your communications system up or down to meet the needs of your business growth, the season, or special events. More than easy setup at a new location, cloud means it’s fast and simple to add users or make changes at individual locations without dispatching a technician to the location. This includes the ability to provide a mobile worker with the entire suite of business telephony features no matter their location – all managed from the same online control console as every office location.

Cloud Security

Having all your communications – voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing and even a contact center – based in the cloud centralizes much of the data security load. The telephony solution provider takes responsibility for much of infrastructure security. Some of the world’s largest companies are investing heavily in cloud infrastructure, and security research and development is a major beneficiary.

A reputable UCaaS solution features:

  • Cutting-edge encryption and security protocols
  • System security monitoring 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Physically secured data centers

Disaster recovery and business continuity strengths, including data mirroring and geo-redundancy, are typically built right into the solution, saving you time and money should any single location, or even multiple locations, suffer a disastrous event. Access to the internet, with any capable device, means access to your data and communications system.

Centralized Control – Mobile Access

Cloud infrastructure removes the requirement for telecommunications technicians to travel to individual locations whenever a change occurs, or a new phone or features are added. The cloud-based VoIP telephony system is maintained by the cloud provider and managed from a central online control console accessible to an administrator with a laptop, no matter their location.

Unified Communications and Collaboration

Access. Anywhere, anytime. Step away from outdated technology: onsite PBX boxes at every location, incompatible technologies, multiple vendors, etc. With a UCaaS solution, all the infrastructure is in the cloud – secure, reliable, easy – maintained by the solution provider and managed from a central control console. This makes a system like UNIVERGE BLUE ideal for multi-location companies and organizations.

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