5 Walls of Cloud Security

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A cloud data center is designed to be a guarded fortress. It is engineered to allow approved users to access the system from any location, with any capable device. A data center is a single installation to secure as opposed to attempting to maintain multiple of pieces of hardware – each vulnerable to mishaps, thefts, disasters, or attacks. In addition to robust physical security protocols onsite, data centers have a variety of cutting-edge software security measures.


Infographic - Cloud Security

The 5 Walls of Cloud Security

  1. Digital Encryption
    Communications are encoded to prevent unauthorized access
  2. Personal Identity
    Strong passwords or two-step authorization to access the system
  3. Data Management
    24/7 data flow monitoring
  4. Event Correlation Engine
    Powerful software scans for suspicious activity
  5. Physical Security
    Data centers are virtual fortresses

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