Empowering the SMART Enterprise, Part 1

NEC SMART Enterprise digital cloud components

With 100+ years of experience in technical innovation in their past, NEC is planning for the next one hundred years of our future. At the recent NEC Advantage Executive Conference, NEC began sharing their plan for their SMART Enterprise initiative.

SMART Enterprise

Unified Communications and Integrated Technologies

The focus of the SMART Enterprise is to integrate and combine digital technologies – from unified to communications to fault tolerant and high availability servers and storage, networking, and more. Removing technology barriers between divisions – sales, IT, admin, etc. – within a single company is the goal.

NEC Global Presence

With enormous investments in personnel, research and development, and infrastructure – including enough submarine cable to circle the globe five times – NEC is not just planning for a digital future, they’re building it.

Orchestrating a Brighter World

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services are just one part of a SMART Enterprise. A comprehensive unified communications solution – voice, mobility, messaging, presence, conferencing, and contact center – hosted on highly available, fault tolerant servers and software defined networks from NEC.

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