Empowering the SMART Enterprise, Part 2

The SMART Enterprise Infrastructure

NEC’s SMART Enterprise initiative – a response to our increasingly digital and connected world. The focus of the SMART Enterprise is to integrate and combine digital technologies, across divisions within a business, company, or multi-national corporation. At the recent NEC Advantage Executive Conference, NEC began sharing their plan with the SMART Enterprise initiative.

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Business Landscape infographic - digital and connected

The New Business Landscape

What began with a mobile revolution, best represented by the BYOD attitude, has moved to advanced networking, cloud services, evolving security, and big data. Enhancing employee and customer engagement, the massive on-going investments in digital infrastructure point toward the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), where everything from business machines to household devices will be networked online.

NEC - 4 key values that empower SMART Enterprise

4 Keys to Empower SMART Enterprise

Business Agility
Empower a mobile workforce, responsive to their business demands no matter their physical location.

Cloud Delivery
Simple, reliable and secure delivery of digital services in a deployment model best suited to your needs – premises, hybrid or cloud.

Collaborative Communities
Enabling teamwork to improve productivity, customer value and business outcomes.

Assured Services
Business continuity, disaster recovery and data security ensured by highly available IT infrastructure.

SMART Workspaces

The promise of the SMART Enterprise begins with unified communications – empowering people to stay connected from any location, at any time, with any device. Making digital technology easily available to all stakeholders within a business, removing the barriers of location-specific operations, and maintaining a high level of data security, all on a cost-effective basis, is the goal.

NEC infographic - empowering employees with SMART workspaces

The SMART workspace, as envisioned by NEC, provides an extensive choice of endpoints – desk phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – that provide easy access to all applications – communications, video and data – regardless of your location or what communication channel you’re using – voice, email, IM, conferencing, etc.

SMART Workspaces - NEC infographic

SMART Enterprise is creating powerful user-centric connections for your employees – high levels of security without data loss and centralized management of digital assets for your IT team – and increasing customer engagement and satisfaction through swift, high quality response times and service.


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