Hospitality in the Cloud

SMART Hospitality Features

Walk into any hotel lobby after four in the afternoon. See the crowd milling around: business people mingling with traveling millennials and rubbing elbows with vacationing families and their (frequently-more-feral-than-anyone-admits) children. It’s a recipe for chaos. Yet a well-run motel appears to effortlessly sort the chaos, meeting individual needs with a coordinated staff, easily accessing information to get each visitor quickly settled into their room in comfort.

Access to information and effective communication are vital in the hospitality industry – hotels, cruise lines, event centers, travel organizations, and others. Cloud-based unified communications, customized for the hospitality industry, provide a powerful edge in building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Conflicting Goals

With so many diverse goals and agendas among the staff, administrators and guests, finding the right communications solution for the hospitality industry, or any large organization, is a challenge. Some guests want to be in touch, connected with their business. Others want to get away from it all. The front desk staff has different needs than house cleaning, and security has their own set of requirements.

Connecting Guests, Staff and Administration

A cloud communications solution can connect every member of the staff, from concierge to house cleaning, reservation services to room services, keeping them in touch on a real-time basis no matter their location. Guests can be provided with complete access, whether from their rooms or anywhere on the property via WiFi.

System Integrators

Flexibility and agility are hallmarks of business cloud services. Software hosted from a central location – a private or public cloud – reduces the difficulty of patching, updating or implementing new features. SMART Hospitality from UNIVERGE BLUE is an example of this agility and flexibility. Unified communication applications are seamlessly integrated with leading Property Management Software (PMS) solutions in the cloud to provide a powerful, comprehensive solution.

SMART Hospitality Features


Integrating software features specifically designed for the hospitality industry – hotels, event centers, cruise lines, and travel organizations – with a unified communications system provides a powerful, convenient, single vendor solution. UNIVERGE BLUE and SMART Hospitality combine to meet industry needs. It’s why more than 10,000 hospitality entities already use NEC next-generation telecommunications products and solutions.

Visit the UNIVERGE BLUE website to learn more about what benefits and advantages cloud hosted unified communications can offer your industry. To learn more about NEC’s customized Hospitality solutions, visit our Resources webpage to download a brochure or datasheet for the Hospitality industry or go to the NEC SMART Hospitality website.