NEC: Building a More Secure Cloud

NEC is collaborating with organizations around the world to protect cloud infrastructure and build a more secure internet. Building a more secure cloud is important for every business, whether it is a public or private cloud. A basic cyber attack can steal or alter information, advanced attacks can inflict system or even infrastructure failures. Modern day hackers are becoming more dangerous than ever before. If your cloud is not protected, information can be easily accessed by unauthorized visitors.

NEC & JC3 – Reducing Cyber Threats

NEC is a part of the Japan Cybercrime Control Center (JC3), a non-profit organization doing its part to create a more secure internet. In cooperation with agencies and organizations around the world, JC3’s goal is to open up the sharing of important details about hackers and methods of attack, combined with a focus on finding the physical location of where a cybercrime originated. Significant resources are also invested to perform effective damage control.

NEC and JC3 Cooperation diagram

NEC & INTERPOL – Stronger Cloud Security

NEC is working with INTERPOL to reinforce global internet security and help keep cybercrime to a minimum. With this partnership comes cloud security, further exploration of the cyber-attacks, and an ever-expanding knowledge of cybercrime and the people behind the attacks.

NEC Cyber-Security Control Center

NEC & Norse – Smarter Cloud Protection

NEC collaborates with Norse Corporation – a digital security team focused on helping detect and solve security breaches.  Working together, they are able to determine and record common activities performed by hackers early on in cases of a security breach.

NEC teams up with these partners and others around the world to create a safer, more efficient, FASTER internet. NEC is doing its part in helping companies keep their cloud investments secure. With UNIVERGE BLUE, Business Cloud Services, NEC provides simple, reliable and secure hosted unified communications (UC) services.

You can learn more about our safe cloud user experience from our white paper: Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC. For more information about UNIVERGE BLUE and how it can benefit you, take a look at the Why UNIVERGE BLUE? webpage.

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