NEC Remains the Top UCaaS Provider at EC16

Fireworks to celebrate UNIVERGE BLUE Award

NEC and UNIVERGE BLUE held on to their title for the second consecutive year as the UCaaS/Hybrid UC Leader at Enterprise Connect 2016. They achieved the highest score for cloud/hybrid unified communications in all three categories: architecture, features, and total cost of ownership (TCO). NEC proved that they could deliver more than what the competition has to offer.

The Competition

The request for proposal (RFP) competition is all about seeing what each leading service provider has to offer their customers. The competition gave an outline of the Cloud/Hybrid communications solutions available and provided the details for each offering: cloud and hybrid architecture comparisons, pricing models, feature comparisons, and projected total cost of ownership over a three year term.

Diagram for the Request for Proposal Competition

2016 RFP Competition Highlights

The competition showcased what unified communications (UC) companies have to offer with their cloud-based and hybrid solutions. Some key points on display at the competition included:

  • The lowering cost for Cloud Communications solutions
  • Cloud delivery is a hot topic in the marketplace
  • Not all vendors offer the same UC features
  • Considerable variations exist in system management/dashboards

NEC’S 2016 Competition Status

By receiving an almost perfect score through all three categories, NEC kept their spot at the top. For the second year in a row they beat their competition, outscoring other cloud/hybrid telephony service providers. In each category, NEC received:

  • Architecture: 99.6%
  • Functionality/Technology: 94%,
  • Pricing (TCO): 100%
  • Making their grand total a 96.9%, which easily outscored their competition.

Scoring Chart for the EC16 RFP Competion

2016 Total Cost of Ownership

NEC takes pride in coming out on top two years in a row at the Enterprise Connect Mock RFP competition. With the large number of hosted telephony solutions appearing in today’s market, head to head comparisons provide valuable insight into the quality and capabilities of cloud and hybrid UC services providers. NEC invests in all aspects of cloud technology, including their UCaaS solution, UNIVERGE BLUE. Their goal remains providing customers with the best experience possible and orchestrating a brighter world.

Learn why so many, from small companies to major enterprises, are moving their unified communications to the cloud at UNIVERGE BLUE. Download our free white paper by David Stein of Stein Technology Consulting Group, reporting on details of the RFP competition: Cloud and Hybrid UC Solutions.