Key Cloud Advantage – Disaster Recovery, Part 1

Major storm on the horizon - ready for disaster recovery?

Having a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place for communications is important when a disaster strikes. During a time of crisis, you want to have a solution that will help keep people connected and informed. Cloud communications have recovery capabilities built into the communications solution. With your staff’s proper knowledge of disaster planning, communications can continue during the emergency.

Speedy Messaging

Do not waste precious time trying to get things in order to send out an emergency message. Have message templates prepared and stored in your cloud-based system for easy access. An internet or cell phone connection with a smartphone, laptop or tablet can mean these messages are immediately available to your employees, associates and customers. On-premises solutions frequently require you to have your own hardware and software restored before people can receive notifications.

Example: When a campus is on strict lockdown, students and staff need to be notified quickly of the situation. A cloud unified communications (UC) platform can send out automated emails and text messages to the students and staff so they are aware of the current condition.

Secure Business Continuity

Security is a top priority when it comes to communications. During a time of disaster, you want your communications to be accessible and secure. A cloud UC platform can offer that.

During a natural disaster, equipment can be damaged or even destroyed. With a cloud solution, not only will messages be sent out properly, client contact information will be kept safe, ready to be accessed as soon as you sign into your service, with any device available.

Centralized Management

Keeping up with your business during a disaster is simpler with a cloud UC solution. Access customer communications and information when and where you need it the most. If an on-premises solution is damaged or destroyed, communications can grind to a halt.

Moving your business to the cloud will help you centralize your work productivity. You want your customers to know that your company will still be there after a disaster hits. The ability to manage your communications solution from anywhere will be beneficial during the recovery process.

Cost-Effective Communications

Having a cloud UC solution will help your company stay in touch during a disaster recovery. Your cloud provider maintains the infrastructure, including geo-redundancy in many cases, meaning you are not dependent on an on-location IT team to restore communications.

In the middle of a natural disaster, people should be notified of the latest undertakings. A cloud, or hosted, communications platform can send notifications to help people to safety, provide information as to what may be happening, and maybe even advice – without requiring substantial redundancy of hardware assets you would have to pay for in a traditional premises-based system.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services can help ensure your team is ready to handle business before, during, and after an emergency. Explore your hosted communications options in our white paper Cloud and Hybrid UC Solutions to see how cloud providers compare on features, infrastructure and total cost of ownership. Learn more about why the cloud might be your best option for your next step into unified communications.