Key Cloud Advantage – Disaster Recovery, Part 2

Lightning strike to multiple buildings - disaster.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning is vital to protecting your business when a disaster strikes. During an emergency, things can quickly get out of control. You want your business to have a way to keep people up to date with the latest information. Recovery capabilities in cloud communications are built into hosted solutions, so why not utilize them? A disaster can cause panic and confusion, but with preparation and cloud infrastructure, your business can be quickly up and running in the aftermath of a disaster.


With on-premise solution, it is typically difficult to expand in the case of rapid business or capacity growth. However, a cloud unified communications platform can scale up to meet demand as needed, which is excellent for business continuity.

Keeping your customers and the community up to date in the wake of an emergency will help keep your business afloat. Through the cloud, it is easier to expand your call capacity. More phones can be added for more people as business grows to meet the demands of a recovery effort. Instead of waiting for a service technician to visit your location, a cloud solution can offer instant access to getting new users started through a centralized online dashboard.

Free Your IT Staff

Cloud-based UC lifts the burden for communications infrastructure from your IT staff. Let them focus on your core business IT needs, particularly in a recovery period.

If a disaster strikes your business location, which is dependent on an on-premises platform, it can damage communications capabilities with your staff, partners and customers for weeks, even months. With built-in geo-redundancy features, a natural disaster rarely affects multiple regions across a continent, meaning your data and UC capabilities can be fully accessed remotely in a disaster’s wake.

Communications – Before, During, After

Throughout a disaster you want the ability to keep business communications flowing effectively. Being able to connect with your employees, associates and your customers via a cloud UC system will be much easier than traditional phone infrastructure, like a premises-based PBX, which could be easily damaged.

Your customers want to know how they are going to be impacted by a disaster that strikes your business. A hosted phone solution like UNIVERGE BLUE allows voice, messaging, mobility, and other UC capabilities from any working computer or smartphone, from any location.

Features and system protections built into UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services can help ensure your team is ready to handle business before, during, and after an emergency. Explore your hosted communications options in our white paper Cloud and Hybrid UC Solutions to see how cloud providers compare on features, infrastructure and total cost of ownership. Learn more about why the cloud might be your best option for unified communications.