Keeping Communications Alive

NEC Global Cloud Investments Diagram

When your VoIP business phone system goes down, it takes all the UC functionality with it. You cannot accept/receive calls, messaging and mobility features become unavailable, you might not even be able to access your client contact information. Without being able to do those standard tasks, your business is going to be affected. Dave Michels, Principle Analyst at Talking Pointz, has published an article at No Jitter about NEC’s SMART Enterprise Initiative and building a high availability infrastructure that improves the reliability of cloud-based unified communications (UC).

Convenient Communications

Not being able to access your customer directory presents an enormous challenge to doing business. Despite being on the go, people are still required to be able to communicate without missing a beat using the mobility features built into unified communications. Having a high availability cloud PBX, or hosted UC solution, is important to operations, keeping collaboration between staff, partners and customers open at all times.

Stable Communications

In a VoIP telephony environment, if a server shuts down, placing and receiving phone calls shuts down, too. With high availability, fault tolerant servers, outages to your business cloud communications systems are prevented. Operations can be brought maintained without interference or interruption to you or your clients.


A corrupted server can mean up to 40 hours of disruption. Obviously, this is not good for business. But with 24/7 live system monitoring, built-in redundancies and synchronized backups, server issues can typically be diagnosed and remedied without disrupting your unified communications service. In the event of a serious issue, system recovery becomes a matter of minutes, not hours.

High Availability

Any hosted communications provider in today’s UC industry should offer the five nines of reliability (99.999% SLA) to successfully compete in the market. Having high availability (HA) servers means there is a process in place to keep VoIP systems operating running despite any problems that may occur within data center. A cloud communications provider’s main priority should be to keep your business UC phone solution functioning at all times. It should be a partnership – your provider’s business prospers when your business prospers.

A vital part of business operations is communication. Having a solution like UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services to handle your business’ UC phone system is important for your staff, clients and customers. Learn more about Achieving High Availability in UC in our free white paper. Discover the different reasons why UNIVERGE BLUE can be a good partner/provider for your business.