The Good and Bad of Switching Phone Systems

UNIVERGE BLUE on your smartphone

Is your company lacking essential business phone system features? It could be time to update your business phone system. With the help of a hosted unified communications Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony system, you can add advanced features like messaging, conferencing, presence, and a full mobility suite, without a large upfront cost.



With a cloud unified communications (UC) business phone system, you have the freedom to call from different devices, you would not have to rely on the desk phone in your office. Centralized controls, accessed through graphical interfaces, allows hosted, or cloud, UC administrators to alter user settings as needed from any secure location. A hosted solution lets users adjust their personal settings, preferences and devices: desk phone, softphone, tablet or smartphone.


Different hosted UC service providers charge for their services differently. Careful examination of the package – features, applications, installation charges, minutes included, E911 capabilities, and more – is a must. The services that are provided are plentiful compared to a customary phone, but vary greatly between providers in the UC market. Total cost of ownership should be carefully analyzed.

Keep it Professional

Cloud UC services allow you to access your calls over multiple devices, helping present your company in a professional manner regardless of your location. Instead of giving out your private number, you can give customers your business line even when using your personal smartphone. You can still have the effect of being in your office without physically sitting at your desk.

Possible Disadvantages

Technical Differences

VoIP telephony and cloud UC require a different connection system set up: the internet. If there is a power outage (without a backup generator) or the internet goes down, you will not be able to make your phone calls. Your business could lose communications between your staff, partners and customers. A business-class hosted UC solution will have infrastructure protections built-in to ensure business continuity.

Call Quality

With some VoIP providers, call quality can be less than what you may be used to. With the internet essentially being your phone service provider, your connectivity becomes extremely important. Your communications experience could be reduced due to poor internet connection if you choose a service provider not built for business-class unified communications.

Implementation Process

Installation processes for new UC business phone solutions can be extensive; on-premise or in the cloud. Choosing a new system typically includes the price of new equipment. However, with a cloud, or hosted UC solution, the infrastructure is the responsibility of the provider – leaving you with only the cost of new desk phones needed. Training your users becomes the final step in the process.

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