Which is Best for Your Business; A Hosted PBX or On-Premises?

Hosted PBX or Traditional?

A new phone system. A new Private Branch Exchange (PBX). A hosted PBX solution or a traditional on-premises PBX stored in a back room?

Deciding which option works best for your business needs is not as hard as some would believe. A bit of careful due diligence will quickly offer a wealth of criteria upon which to base your decision.

Cloud Integration

The cloud has opened up access to the latest unified communications (UC) technology for all business, from large enterprise to mom & pop shops. Cloud and PBX integration can make business continuity and mobility easier for your organization. Migrating a traditional PBX system to the cloud may sound like obscure techno-babble, but it’s actually a simple, cost-effective solution for many companies, a cloud technology already in use around the world.

Old PBX Disturbing Business Efficiency

As communications technology is being transformed, don’t let your platform become so outdated it starts affecting operations. For many companies, maintaining business needs and growing to meet demand, communications are a crucial component. An outdated PBX system can all-too-often hamper efficient communications.


A concise presentation on the key differences between an on-site PBX versus a hosted PBX was recently published on No Jitter. It featured a fantastic infographic created by Irish Telecom outlining the features, benefits and differences between these two choices in a comprehensive, yet easy to digest format.

Infographic - Hosted or On-Site PBX

Due Diligence for a Unified Communications Solution

Due diligence should always weigh the pros and cons between options. Make an informed decision as to which is the best fit for your business needs. With the flexibility of UNIVERGE BLUE’s cloud PBX platform, you can have the features you need to support your business communications without a large upfront cost. See how UNIVERGE BLUE’s cloud services can help your company. Download our free white paper, Reduce UC Costs and Increase Business Performance in the Cloud, to learn more about your UC options.

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