NEC Cloud Technology Development

Diagram of the OpenStack Cloud Operating System

Open Source Software has helped revolutionize the way that people use the internet today. We take the online activities we use every day for granted, but an enormous amount of innovation, much of it through open source software projects, stands behind every page, every click, and every online interaction we make. NEC, a contributor to OpenStack, plays a part in this continuous innovation to aid the advancement of cloud technologies.

Open Source Software

Open Source Software (OSS) is software code that can be shared and modified by anyone. OSS is designed for open, community oriented development. It’s freely available for exchange and collaboration. Proprietary software, called “Closed Source,” is software code that is typically restricted to use by the owner and its licensees.

Much of the internet is built on open source technologies. When people do their daily online activities – email, streaming music, checking Facebook, etc. – they are accessing a global network with the help of open source software to deliver the requested data to their device.

What is OpenStack?

OpenStack is a cloud operating system. It manages the compute, storage and networking resources throughout a datacenter. It helps administrators control operations while simultaneously giving users access via an online connection.

Diagram of the OpenStack Cloud Operating System

OpenStack is Open Source

With OpenStack being an open source software, developers from around the world work together to create this extraordinary product. Combined with the Virtual Network Functions (VNF), the open source project provides a cost effective system that increases flexibility and security.

Open Source Software Building Model

OSS works with OpenStack’s cloud permitted platforms, including building multi-data-center atmospheres. Through the cloud, OSS is able to create a virtual environment to make managing computing and communications resources available to individual business no matter their size. This in turn helps create robust business continuity and unifies digital operations.

Where NEC Comes In

NEC works with a variety of open source software projects dedicated to improving the public and private Clouds, including VoIP communications technologies.

“NEC contributes to the development of cloud platforms with a high degree of openness by actively utilizing open source software centering on Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and by giving back newly developed functions to the OSS community,” said Toshifumi Uesaka, Principal Strategist of Platform Service Division, NEC Corporation.

Recently, NEC’s Senior Software Engineer Mr. Kenichi Ohmichi was named Project Team Leader (PTL) with OpenStack Community’s Quality Assurance Project. His contributions of time and effort have helped improve OpenStack. This is the first time a Japanese national has been awarded this honor.

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