NEC and the Open Source Initiative

Open Source Initiative logo

OpenStack is an open source software (OSS) platform for cloud computing, controlling resources throughout a data center. It is an increasingly used key component of cloud infrastructure. As an open source project, OpenStack can be used, built on, and altered by anybody and everybody. NEC works with OSS and OpenStack in particular because these projects provide vital software resources to business cloud communications and internet infrastructure.

OpenStack: the Community

Starting up with 25 partners in 2010, OpenStack now caters to over 50,000 members globally. With the focus being put on developers and users, the OpenStack community is always expanding, updating and safeguarding the server operating system.

Contributing to the Open Source Community

OpenStack is not one single company trying to sell products to users. It is a community of people working together to co-create powerful software. Over 600 companies are involved in supporting OpenStack; some platinum members include Rackspace, Red Hat, AT&T, IBM, and Intel, as well as NEC.

OpenStack is not the only open source initiative project NEC participates with, and contributes to.

NEC contributes to Open Source Software initiatives

“Red Hat welcomes the latest release of the NEC Cloud System (OSS building model), which uses Red Hat OpenStack Platform as a core part of its cloud infrastructure. We have offered highly reliable open source information and communications technology infrastructure solutions to a wide range of customers through our longtime collaboration with NEC. With this release, we plan to continue working with NEC to extend OpenStack in support of multi data center environments or delivering new features for large-scale service providers.” Jim Totton, Vice President & General Manager, Platforms Business Unit, Red Hat.

NEC and OpenStack

NEC’s Senior Software Engineer Mr. Kenichi Ohmichi was recently named Project Team Leader (PTL) with OpenStack Community’s Quality Assurance Project. His contributions of time and effort have helped improve the OpenStack software.

“We congratulate Mr. Ohmichi on his election as the Quality Assurance PTL. DefCore interoperability testing is a priority for the Foundation this year, and this relies on a close working relationship with the QA team. We look forward to progress in this effort under Mr. Ohmichi’s leadership.” Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation.

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