Prepare for Your Next Communications Platform

Preparing a Communications Plan

Begin making preparations for the next step in communications technology and think about what type of telephony platform your business requires. Will a unified communications (UC) solution benefit your business? Without doing proper research and testing, you could end up with a system that does not meet your business needs.

On No Jitter, Skip Chilcott points out how vital proper planning is to UC deployments. Perform research, figure out what your business communication needs are, determine what kind of system is going to work well for you. Begin your due diligence process before it becomes an urgent need.

Take the Initiative

It is important to have a plan in place for a new UC system. Don’t wait until your current one is reaching its end of life. Make sure you are researching the right subjects like end user interaction, beneficial features, and bandwidth requirements. Asking the right questions now will save you from having to do technical research in a hurry when your current system is dying and your vendor isn’t offering the right upgrade.

Secure Your Business Telephony

Security and compliance should be high on the list of importance. Make sure the new system is able to keep your contacts, exchanges and other information confidential. Mobility is another favored feature for the people always on the go. Make it easier for your staff to work securely from wherever they need to be. Communication between staff and customers is crucial for business operations, make sure your new solution fits your company needs.

Learn it. Use it. Love it.

After you’ve performed the necessary analysis, it is time to see how well a new UC solution can benefit your customers and staff. Testing the solution will determine if you have made the right decision. After experimenting with the new system, make sure your staff is trained on the new features and encourage their use.

UNIVERGE BLUE hosted UC is designed for any size business. It is crucial to your company to make sure you have a plan in place to keep your business communications operating smoothly. Visit the Why Cloud Now webpage to learn more about how cloud-based communications can help your business lower costs and increase customer loyalty. Learn more about how to make the user experience better with our free white paper: Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC.