Everything You (Really Don’t) Need to Know About SIP

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SIP (session initiation protocol) Trunking is like a dedicated digital phone line for internet-based phone communications. We’ve already presented the 5 Functions of SIP, but here we are going a little further in depth to touch on the technicalities of SIP Trunks. Unless you are a technician, this is all the information you need to know – possibly more than you really need to know.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking sends a coded IP packet containing zeros and ones along a digital channel. The receiving end of the message is notified and decodes the message. The actual message is a series of packets containing zeros and ones (binary information) going back and forth from sender to receiver. It sends this information via the internet.

What Technology Does it Replace?

SIP Trunking can eliminate your traditional primary rate interface (PRI) and basic rate interface (BRI) phone lines and excess wires, thereby cutting down your costs. It allows you to have one IP-based network instead of having multiple networks, like one for telephone and one for data. With SIP Trunking, you no longer need a public switched telephone network (IP-PTSN) gateway.

Yes, but What is it Used for?

SIP Trunking allows you to place and accept local and long-distance calls, make emergency 911 calls, access directory assistance, and the ability to have a single phone number ring to and from desktop phones, soft phones, and mobile devices. With SIP Trunking technology, and a strong broadband connection for your office, your call quality will not be effected.

So Why Do I Need it?

By deploying SIP Trunking you will be able to simplify your network by removing unnecessary elements from your traditional phone system. With SIP technology and cloud communications, there is no more need for a physical private branch exchange (PBX) on-site, redundant networks, and all of the BRI and PRI subscription fees that come with traditional phone systems. Implementing SIP Trunking migrates your phone system into the future of telephony and unified communications.


SIP Trunking is deployed on hybrid systems, connecting on-premises telephony systems with cloud-based communications solutions. This allows UNIVERGE BLUE to be easily integrated with your existing system. UNIVERGE BLUE can help your business centralize control, lower costs, add cloud-based features and applications, and quickly provide additional seats (phones) to meet your growing business demands. Visit our SIP Trunking webpage to explore how UNIVERGE BLUE can become part of your team. Download our free white paper: Success With SIP to discover everything you really need to know about SIP.

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