The Convenience of Cloud Communications

Cloud and sunlight image

The cloud creates a user-friendly work environment. The infrastructure and digital tools are available wherever you are. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is simply business phone services in the cloud. Instead of spending your budget on hardware, you gain a phone provider/partner to handle your communications platform for a predictable monthly subscription fee. UCaaS provides reliable and secure telephony for any size business.


Deployment through the cloud allows a new location or an incoming team member to be efficiently set up. There is no need for excess cables running through the office. Your system can be controlled with a few clicks of your mouse, no matter your physical location. Making adjustments to your company’s infrastructure can be rapidly made through a cloud-based system.

Effortless Maintenance

The cloud replaces the amount of work that comes from an on-premise platform and allows you access to the latest versions of software, keeping your system up to date. UCaaS alleviates the worry of having to take care of your whole company’s phone infrastructure. With the services provided, your system will be taken care of by a specialized professional team.

Flexibility and Scalability

A cloud solution can be ideal for any expanding business. With its scalability, it can easily accommodate growing business needs. You can quickly adapt the size of your solution on an as needed basis, as discussed at Logicworks. Adding new members to your team can be efficiently done with the help of the cloud. It is simpler to bring on new people and implement their information into the cloud-based system as opposed to waiting for technicians to visit a site and perform installations.

Ease the Demands on IT

Your IT staff can do their work remotely through the cloud. When they are in charge of handling your office’s technical infrastructure, instead of solving each problem at their coworker’s desk, they can easily take care of any internal issue through their own work space. It helps relieve the stress of your IT department if there are multiple office locations, large workplace buildings, or multiple staff members that need assistance. Hosted telephony frees your IT staff to focus on your core business.

Present – but Not Here

It is a work day, but an emergency comes up and you are unable to make it into the office. Or maybe your work requires you to travel. With UCaaS you can work from anywhere with your mobile device. You have all the access as if you are in the office, even if you are off handling an emergency or out on the road. Features like Presence keep co-workers appraised of your location and availability, valuable tools when life interferes with business.

Redundancy/Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is a crucial component of your business phone system. Redundancy is having a backup system, preferably in a different region. It minimizes risk and the effects of system failures. With our greater reliance on technology, a robust, reliable and secure backup becomes a necessity, not an extravagance.

Cloud-based communications provides an accessible work atmosphere for all of your staff, no matter their physical location. UCaaS offers a hosted business phone solution complete with infrastructure, unmatched flexibility, and cutting-edge security. Visit our Why Cloud Now webpage to see what the cloud can do for you. To learn more about the enhancing your cloud experience download our free white paper: Premises vs Cloud-Based Telephony.