Mobility in the Workplace

Cloud over a corn field

Flexibility is an appealing element to any job. We all have our own lives outside of work and sometimes physically making it to our desks becomes impossible. The next best thing to keep up with your work is to have mobility capabilities through unified communications (UC), as discussed by Jon Arnold on Unified Communications Strategies. With a hosted UC solution, your smartphone or tablet will work just fine, enabling you to continue on with your work day.

The Future of Mobility

As cloud-based communications continues to grow, there is a shift from being on the phone to other means of communication. The key movement is from voice to email and instant messaging. Many people like to see their exchanges in writing, and have a clear record they can refer to. Of course not everything can be done through email or else we could lose that personal touch. With UC becoming stronger, we see companies allowing employees to bring their own device (BYOD). People would rather work from their own devices, ones that they are comfortable using on a day to day basis.

So that begs the question: Are desk phones still a necessity?

Optional Work Place

Today’s employers tend to be more flexible with where you work. Sometimes we use our home as a second office when life or traffic, gets a little too crazy. According to a recent survey, one-third of businesses answering the online survey do not have policies on remote workers while the other two-thirds allow their staff to be mobile. The survey results suggest that many people believe the office desk phone is becoming obsolete. With more and more cloud-based software appearing in the workplace, softphones (phone software running on a computer, tablet or smartphone) are becoming the preference.

Performing Field Work

If you are out of the office for work and have to be away from your desk for the day, mobility will move your calls from your desk phone to any mobile device with an internet connection. Just because you are not in an office does not mean you are not working. Different jobs require different settings. Sometimes we need to be off-site, yet still keep up with what is going on back at the office.

UC Ecosystem

Communications technology is rapidly changing and advancing. We continuously see new developments come out, but we always want the next best thing. Many businesses already feel that desk phones are irrelevant to the work place. With BYOD becoming the popular option, particularly amongst millennials and startups, desktop devices are not as attractive to the next generation of employees. As all forms of communications become more integrated, it becomes easier to replace the desk phone with a laptop or mobile device.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC provide a full suite of mobility features: Find Me/Follow Me, Single Number/Single Mailbox Access, Speech Recognition, and Call Transfer are just part of the UC mobile client. Visit the Mobile Features webpage to learn more about UNIVERGE BLUE Mobility. Download our white paper: Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC to see how it can help your business.