Many Millennials Use UC, They Just Don’t Know It

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Unified Communications (UC) is an essential tool for any type of business. With millennials (born 1980-2000) becoming a significant part of the workforce, some might be worried about them being glued to their phones all day and not actually working. It turns out that constantly being on the phone has been training millennials for their future careers.

Collaboration is a recognized key to success in today’s business world, as is effective communications and eliminating the constraints of physical location. Cloud UC solutions provide millennials with the features they already use and love in their everyday lives.

Rich Presence

Definition: A feature that allows you to view which team members are available, busy or in a meeting – giving other employees real time updates of your presence.

Millennials have used this before through other instant messaging platforms. Most millennials already take access to the schedules of friends and family for granted. In the work place, rich presence features allow them to see the status of their co-workers. With syncing capabilities straight from your digital calendar, you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting your status for a set meeting, it will do it for you.

Instant Messaging/Chat

Definition: A quick way of secure and reliable written communication through a UC system from any device, at any location.

Millennials have used instant messaging for communicating with their friends before cell phones even became accessible to them. Transferring this skill once they step into their careers, they will send instant messages to their coworkers for quick exchanges. When something does not require a full email exchange, a quick IM conversation will do the trick. Instant messaging is a great solution for a speedy answer.

Soft Phone

Definition: Allows employees to use their computer, smartphone or tablet to place/receive phone calls, video conferencing, and other UC phone features.

VoIP telephony apps such as Google Hangouts and Skype are being used by people of all ages. Integrating VoIP communications with the workplace will be no problem for millennials. Soft phones allow users to plug in their headphones and not have to worry about picking up their desk phone.

Smart Directories

Definition: Through a desktop view, you can access your co-worker’s extensions as well as their availability.

Millennials grew up with the internet and Google. They’re used to receiving a quick answer to just about anything they are searching for. Smart directories allow you to quickly view your connections’ contact cards – phone numbers, email addresses, even fax numbers – on whatever device you are using.

Hard Phone

Definition: That physical device on your desk you pick up to place and receive calls.

The desk phone is still a standard in the work place. Traditional calls can quickly solve problems, reconnect business relationships and help explain issues that are too complicated for email. Sometimes an email or instant message is still too impersonal for certain conversations. Millennials will not have a problem making any phone part of their everyday work toolset – desk phones or soft phones.

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