NEC Security Technology

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With the amount of hackers increasing worldwide, cyber security is a vital component of your business. NEC takes security seriously. With cloud infrastructure, much of the security for your communications solution is built in. Multi-layer security actions automatically provide the precautions needed to ensure your company’s data safety. Add the built-in disaster recovery features of cloud-based communications, and your company is sure to thrive – even when nature is not on your side.

Big Data – Cyber Attack Protection

Is your Communications Platform Secure?

Security is vital for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of the compliance requirements of your business, security should always be a top priority. Without a secure UC business solution, confidential information is at risk – client contacts, credit card information, trade secrets, etc. Safeguarding your communications platform is crucial to keeping confidential information private, including that of your customers.

Cyber security is crucial for any type of business in today’s market. Staying in touch with your employees and your customers keeps business alive. A Unified Communications solution supports many different ways of staying in touch: voice, messaging, mobility, conferencing and more.

Visit our UNIVERGE BLUE security webpage to see how we can help you. Download our white paper: Reduce UC Costs and Increase Business Performance in the Cloud to discover how the cloud can benefit your business needs.