4 Requirements of a UCaaS Solution

5 Questions to ask about Unified Communications.

Unified communications (UC) can dramatically improve productivity. Implementing unified communications as a service (UCaaS) provides the additional benefit of built-in infrastructure; helping to keep your customers happy and your staff all on the same page. There are many different aspects to look for when deciding which UCaaS provider to go with, but these are some of the main requirements to keep in mind.

Experience Matters

A service provider with a history of technical and financial stability that understands what they are doing is important to keeping your business communicating effectively. In today’s market, the communications provider you select becomes a business partner. With an experienced partner providing your UCaaS platform, your staff will have the proper care for their communication needs and your IT staff will be free to focus on your core business. Having a qualified provider with a track record of success supplying your business phone system can improve productivity as well as raise customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Multiple Features

A UC solution that offers a variety of applications will be advantageous. Features like mobility and unified messaging can help improve efficiency. Mobility is great for those who have to be away from their work space. Mobility users have the ability to function as if they are at a desk in the office, no matter their physical location. And with unified messaging, you can view your emails, voicemail, fax and instant messages all from one secure inbox.

Scalability within the Cloud

Scalability is vital with today’s rapid pace of change. When you need to expand your company, having a solution in place that is easy to scale is ideal. Built-in security protocols are not dependent on the size of your business or investment, they are a part of the service and designed to scale. With cloud scalability in place, adding new team members is no longer a hassle. UCaaS makes it easy to manage, modify and add new features to your unified communications solution.

Cloud-Based Technology

With a cloud-based business telephony solution, receiving help from your provider is much easier. Maintenance and problem-solving can be done remotely. Other cloud advantages are accessibility, business continuity and disaster recovery. When a disaster hits your area and you need crucial information, it will be safely stored in the cloud, which can be accessed from any location. Do not let your communication efforts or clients suffer just because a single server or location goes offline.

Finding the right UC provider might sound like a challenge, but take your time to find what works best for your organization. UNIVERGE BLUE can help you find answers when it comes to cloud solutions. Download our free white paper: Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC to see how UCaaS can increase productivity within your company. Visit our Why Cloud Now webpage to discover more business benefits of hosted communications solutions.