Why Hosted Communications?

Sunlight on Clouds, Why Hosted Communications

People have been talking about the cloud for quite some time. Now that most of us see the capabilities of hosted (cloud) solutions, we understand how helpful it can be within our business. The cloud is safe and secure to work with and can be one of your company’s most vital tools for cost-effective growth, offering a wealth of built-in benefits, like business continuity and disaster recovery in case of an emergency.

Easy to Expand and Scale

With a secure cloud infrastructure in place, taking on new team members or removing old team members is no longer a hassle. Your IT team can easily focus their efforts on the heart of your business rather than solving problems that the cloud can simplify. Hosted communications are scalable for any size business and will be beneficial for you. Let your company grow as you need it.

Location, Location, Location

Unified cloud communications makes it easy for your team to work together and function like they are in the same room, no matter their physical location. A hosted communications solution allows for mobility for when you are on the go. Mobility allows you to work from anywhere with a connection, even when you cannot make it into an office.

Within the cloud, your business can effortlessly change locations and even create disaster recovery plans. A hosted communications solution is not something that you will have to pack up if your office changes locations. And having a disaster recovery plan in the cloud will provide business continuity if nature does strike your office building.

Cloud Communications are an Operating Expense

Paying for cloud communications service is different than buying hardware and paying a capital expense (CAPEX). With your communications solution hosted in the cloud, you are paying a low monthly subscription, an operating expense (OPEX). You only pay for the services and features you need, rather than estimating future capacity requirements and investing in hardware that may become obsolete sooner than expected.

 Safeguard your Information

The cloud is a secure place that can easily store vast amounts of important information and services. Cloud technology allows cyber-security experts to focus their efforts and collaborate to stop the growing number of cyber-attacks. Most hosted communications service providers offer 24/7 monitoring, and the latest in physical and software security protocols.

With UNIVERGE BLUE, cloud security is a business essential for any size company simply because you are holding confidential information. Without protecting your infrastructure, communications and data, information is at risk to be taken by even casual hackers. To learn more, download our free white paper Reduce UC Cost and Increase Business Performance in the Cloud to learn how to effectively use the cloud within your organization. Visit our Security webpage to see if NEC’s Business Cloud Services are secure enough for you.