NEC’s Fault Tolerant Servers

Achieving High Availability in UC

The phone system going down creates major difficulties for any business. Most, if not all, of your messaging components will be unavailable until the problem gets resolved. High availability and fault tolerant servers significantly improve uptime for any unified communications IP business phone solution.

High Availability: The 5 Nines

NEC has created a UC solution where two servers are merged into one fault tolerant solution. This ensures the industry standard for business – 99.999% availability – to keep your communications system operational. With any cloud service, it is the provider’s responsibility to make sure your cloud communications solution stays up and running smoothly.

Fault Tolerant

Having a fault tolerant server means that if an issue arises, the server will not shut down, which causes your data center to stop working. Instead, your cloud communications will operate at a slightly reduced level until the issue is resolved. Having a fault tolerant server improves business continuity, keeping your staff and customers connected.

Any sized business should demand fault tolerant servers in a cloud solution to maintain reliable, efficient operations. With UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services, high availability and fault tolerant servers are built-in parts of the solution. A unified communications telephony solution is a vital tool for your company. Explore and download our white paper Achieving High Availability in UC to learn more and see just how reliable UNIVERGE BLUE can be for your business.