Don’t Let Winter Disrupt Your Business

Snowy winter road

Imagine a blizzard coming down, blanketing the roads in a white sheet, making driving conditions impossible. Maybe you woke up ill, with not enough energy (or sensibly not wanting to share a bug with your co-workers) to physically make it into the office.

Mobility is one key feature of a cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution that comes in handy when weather or life becomes too problematic to make it into the office. With a strong UC telephony solution in place, your staff can utilize its features to work effectively regardless of their physical location. There is no need to slow operations or lose sales because of the weather. Make sure your UC system can perform no matter what the season throws our way.

Mobility Improving the Flow of Business

Having a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution is a key to meeting the needs of your company and allowing your staff to work effectively, on the road or from home. The built-in functional features of a UCaaS system help ensure your organization’s business continuity.

Cloud communications mobility diagramWith UCaaS, becoming a mobile worker is much easier. Having access to all of your messages, contact information, presence features, and more, is fundamental no matter where you stand. Working from your desk at the office or your couch at home can be interchangeable. When winter comes around and the roads become dangerous, or people start getting sick more often, a cloud UC solution lets you feel at ease when your employees work from home.

Take Advantage of UCaaS

UCaaS is not only good for mobility, it is also great for managing, securing and safeguarding your company’s communications. It is easier for the service provider to manage your communications through cloud technology. A cloud-based communications deployment allows you to effortlessly change office locations or scale as needed. Cloud security is provided as part of your UCaaS solution. Through the cloud, redundancy and disaster recovery, both critical components for your business communications, are built-in to protect your organization.

How Does UCaaS Help Your Business in Winter?

A UCaaS solution is beneficial any time of year, especially during the months when staff cannot be in the office. Being able to access messages and directories, and having full business communications capabilities on the road or at home helps maintain operations no matter the weather. Without the right communication tools, not only your employees, but also your customers can be left in the dark too easily.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services keeps people connected whether you are at your desk in the office, on the road or working from home. Location is no longer a business requirement – with the help of UCaaS. Download our white paper, Reduce UC Costs and Increase Business Performance in the Cloud to learn the basics of choosing the right UCaaS provider. Visit our Unified Communications webpage to explore the different features NEC’s cloud telephony solution has to offer.