Why Make the Switch to the Cloud?

Diagram of cloud communications

In today’s changing technology landscape, finding the right communications partner for your business phone services is a tremendous boon. Having a powerful infrastructure in place, the ability to resolve issues remotely, strong mobile and collaborative capabilities – these factors improve and simplify the management of your company’s communications system. A cloud Unified Communications solution streamlines the flow of business operations.

Updated Technology

Maintaining up to date technology within your infrastructure is important. Falling behind the times raises security and compliance issues while simultaneously threatening your competitive edge in the marketplace. Keeping your company up to date with technology, like switching to the cloud, can assist your staff by giving them the right tools to excel at their job. Cloud-based communications can help improve productivity and business efficiency throughout your operations.

Rapid Set Up and Response

A cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) solution takes less time to install in comparison to a premise-based platform. With the cloud already built by the provider, there simply is not as much to set up. Once deployed, a cloud platform is easy to expand, scaling to meet your needs or adding new features. You never start from zero because the service provider maintains, secures and updates the infrastructure.

More Coverage with Less WorryUNIVERGE BLUE Mobility

A cloud-based phone system provides you with a team of communications specialists. Your IT staff will be able to concentrate on your core business structure rather than spending their time on business phone communications. A Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution means you have service provider partners to handle the communications infrastructure.

Collaboration Capabilities

Keep your staff in sync without everybody having to be in the same office. Through a cloud UC system, your employees have the flexibility to collaborate with each other via multiple channels of communication. A cloud platform keeps everybody up to date on the status of company projects. With your team operating on the same page, with the same up-to-date information at hand, your organization can improve customer service, satisfaction and loyalty.

Switching business phone solutions to the cloud can increase efficiency and improve teamwork. UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC can help strengthen, simplify, and reduce the cost of your communications platform. Download the free white paper, Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC to learn more about working with the cloud. Visit our Why Cloud Now webpage to see how UCaaS can benefit your business.