5 Reasons to Switch to the Cloud

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services Infographic

With a better understanding of the cloud, we can easily begin to realize its full capabilities. The cloud can be one of the best tools for any office – providing a cost-effective, reliable and easy to manage hosted telephony system. Cloud is no longer the new technology on the scene, and it keeps improving as time goes on. Today, cloud provides startups and organizations of all sizes with access to powerful Unified Communications (UC) business phone solutions.


5 Reasons to Switch to the Cloud infographic

5 Simple Reasons to Switch to the Cloud

Up to Date Technology

Incorporate the latest features and be ready for next-gen tech.

Fast Install Process

Cloud is quick to deploy and easy to scale and manage.

Infrastructure Made Easy

The complete communications infrastructure is provided, with maintenance, reliability and security built in.

Cloud Collaboration

Cloud keeps your people working in sync regardless of their physical location.

Disaster Recovery

Geo-redundancy protects your unified communications solution from local disasters.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services

The cloud can increase business efficiency and keep your office communications up to date with the latest technologies. UNIVERGE BLUE, NEC’s hosted UC solution, provides a complete phone system infrastructure – simple, reliable, secure. Download our white paper, The Case for Cloud Communications to learn more about implementing the cloud in your business. Visit our Why Cloud Now webpage to see what a hosted communications solution can offer your operations.