The Value of Usage Profiles

Within a single business you see a variety of communications requirements between different groups based on their roles. Not everyone needs all the available features of a modern Unified Communications (UC) solution. Some people might only need simple local phone service. Others might need messaging, phone and conferencing features. Some people never work remotely. Others are rarely in an office. A customized UC solution should allow different feature packages within the same organization based on operational needs.

Marty Parker from No Jitter recently explored how important usage profiles are to a telephony platform when setting up a new solution. UC features open the doors for a more efficient work style and improved productivity. The provider you partner with for communications services should cater to everyone’s needs, profiling your teams to create a package of their individual requirements.

What is a Usage Profile?

A usage profile is a tailored workspace that lists the UC features necessary to complete a job. People in certain departments will need access to key communications features that others may not require. It is typically not necessary to have every application and feature for every department. The versatility of usage profiles comes in handy to provide each team with what unified communications features they need, when they need it.

Each department is going to have their own individual communications needs. Documenting these needs on a departmental basis leads to a usage profile. Communications are vital to every organization. Giving your team the right tools to get the job done are key to improved productivity and efficiency.

Work groups connected around the globe

Determine Communications Needs

To create usage profiles for your company needs, have each department put together a list of communications essentials. The initial list should include day to day activities that are important to their job functions. Having the right profile with the proper communications needs will help your staff execute these daily tasks.

After seeing their initial list, start translating their communications needs into profiles. Compare the lists to PBX features to determine what type of telephony system best suites your business.

After the initial process, consider the possibility of future requirements. Which UC system offers the most flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of future growth?

Customize UNIVERGE BLUE for Your Business

Usage profiles can be of great benefit to your company, providing different groups with the right tools for their specific job requirements. Through a hosted UC solution, you can easily meet communications demands to help your business run more efficiently and lower costs. NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE is a fully customizable unified communications platform in the cloud. Download our white paper, The Case for Cloud Communications to learn more about the hosted business phone services. Explore our Reliability webpage to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.