Infrastructure Management in Unified Communications

Unified Communications Infrastructure Management

A unified communications (UC) infrastructure management system is important to your business. Technology errors can occur at any time; in the middle of the night, or in your busiest hour. It is always better to be prepared, than to be disconnected and out of the loop.

Identify Network Problems

Identifying a fault in the system will be easier with a well-managed platform. Having a team of communications specialists monitoring your UC system around the clock ensures your communications system will remain secure and open. Terry Slattery from No Jitter suggests that just because it is not in use, does not mean it cannot be affected.

“If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around, does it make a sound?

Let’s adapt this phrase to IT:

If an application faults in an enterprise network, but no one is using it, is it a problem?”

– Terry Slattery, No Jitter

Employees Want Easy to Use Applications

With UC infrastructure maintained by the provider, staff can increase their efficiency by not having to deal with technical loading problems or crashing issues. When productivity is at full force, your staff will be using applications like voice, messaging, presence, conferencing and mobility features that help make their work day easier and more productive. Nobody wants to work with applications that are slow or leave the user frustrated. A modern unified communications management system can help keep lines open and clear for smooth operations.

Application Performance Management SystemSix Benefits of Cloud UC infographic

An application performance management (APM) system can help you monitor your UC infrastructure with ease. An APM can assist in diagnosing problems to help you and your provider quickly resolve any issues. With this management technique, your provider is able to test your infrastructure’s strength to ensure the amount of calls and messages being placed will not slow down your communication platform. Ask your business phone provider if an APM system is included as part of their telephony service.

Maintain All of the UC Features You Use and Love

Sustaining applications to keep employees well-organized and connected is key for business procedures. In today’s business space, we use different applications throughout the workday to perform our tasks. Having a team of professionals monitoring your system can help retain availability as well as clear voice, conferencing and messaging functions.

UNIVERGE BLUE’s infrastructure is engineered by NEC for maximum uptime. UNIVERGE BLUE’s 24/7 system monitoring keeps your communications secure and reliable. Download our free white paper, Reduce UC Costs and Increase Business Performance in the Cloud, and visit our Security webpage to learn more about how to keep your hosted communications safe.