NEC Smart Office Solutions

Unified Communications Devices

Many people know NEC for their business phone solutions, but these phone systems are also backed by NEC data center technologies. High speed data is what keeps infrastructure running efficiently for everything from small business to major universities. NEC technologies drive the complete infrastructure behind your business phone solution.

NEC Quick Facts

  • Leadership in communications technology
  • Leadership in software defined networking (SDN) technology
  • Leadership in Fault Tolerant, High Availability server technology
  • 9 research and development labs around the world
  • Over 64,000 patents
  • Enough submarine communications cable to circle the globe 5 times

NEC is dedicated to innovating solutions for society.


For IT professionals, Spiceworks is one of the major social media networking sites, connecting IT pros with an online community of their peers around the world. It is a hub for technical advice, useful tools, and information on the latest developments.

At the Spiceworks annual gathering, SpiceWorld 2016, Kevin-Anthony Davis, Senior Systems Engineering Manager from NEC, gave a presentation providing a high level overview of NEC’s Smart Enterprise solutions.

Unified Communications as a Service

NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE provides a simple, secure and reliable unified communications solution. No matter if your people use a personal device (BYOD) or company owned hardware, implementing a reliable UC business phone system within your company can improve staff productivity and customer interactions. Some key components of NEC’s UCaaS solution include built-in disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities combined with High Availability, Fault Tolerant server infrastructure for maximum uptime and dependability.

To learn more about how to get the best out of your unified communications solutions, download our free white paper, Achieving High Availability in UC. Visit our UNIVERGE BLUE Security webpage to learn more about how UNIVERGE BLUE can safeguard your office infrastructure.