Cloud Communications Trends in 2017

Telescope looking into the future of unified communications in 2017

Communications applications are used throughout our workday. Unified Communications (UC) tools make teams communicate more effectively. The flexibility of the cloud and the mobility benefits it provides are popular features, and the rate of development in cloud technology ensures more features will become easily available by the end of 2017. What will the New Year bring in business communications?

Advanced Applications

UC applications are becoming more advanced. These emerging sets of communications tools will be easier to deploy through a cloud platform setting. Applications will start to develop more intelligence, integrating with the business software of other vendors like Salesforce. Salesforce is the premiere customer relationship management (CRM) tool used by many industries. Like many emerging powerhouses in technology, Salesforce is a cloud-based platform.

While most cloud-based offerings are relatively new to the market, there are several players, such as NEC, which bring decades of experience and stability to their products. The functionality of UC applications will increase, as well as their security and stability. These will be the tools many businesses and organizations employ to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and team collaboration.

Communications Through the Cloud

Tom Nolle on No Jitter believes the cloud will continue to grow, with flexibility in the forefront. With remote workers in coffee shop locations, road warriors traveling in the sky, and personal devices being brought into the office, a cloud-based communications solution will allow its variety of users and devices to easily connect to their UC infrastructure. IT staff will be able to better maintain multiple office locations through the business cloud. Cloud communications will help teams collaborate on assignments and improve productivity.

“By 2020 all the major cloud providers will be offering “premises cloud” hosting on servers they own and manage.”
Tom Nolle

Easy Record Keeping

Computer Weekly explains how large amounts of customer interactions can be enhanced by UC technologies. Many communications need to be recorded to comply with federal, state, and industry-specific regulations. Keeping records of all forms of communications becomes necessary for compliance reasons. Records of conversations, voice or text, need to be stored and easily accessible for reference. Secure, reliable data storage has become a business essential. The adoption of cloud-based unified communications will grow to meet these demands.

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