NEC Wins Again at Enterprise Connect 2017

Fireworks to celebrate UNIVERGE BLUE Award

UNIVERGE BLUE wins Enterprise Connect’s Mock RFP 2017 session for the third year running. For over 100 years, NEC has been refining business communications to improve efficiency and enhance productivity. Through its security, reliability and scalability, UNIVERGE BLUE is a business phone communications system made easy. NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE showed judges and attendees what it is capable of during this year’s conference.

This Year’s Session

Enterprise Connect’s Mock RFP 2017 focused on cloud communications. Principal at Stein Technology Consulting Group, David Stein, led this year’s Mock RFP session: Cloud/Hybrid Cloud Communications Procurement State of the Art.

Participants in the Request for Proposal (RFP) competition are required to address the functionality and cost of their solutions. In order to help companies determine their future UC investments, organizations need to extensively research their communications needs, compare the features and architectures of the providers, and analyze the total cost of ownership of each solution they are considering.

NEC’s UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services unified communications won the Enterprise Connect Mock RFP competition for the third year in a row.

Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

This year’s session focused on two types of deployment: cloud and hybrid. Hosted solutions are still fairly new for many larger businesses. The hybrid solution is ideal for those who want the best of both worlds; with some features provided from the cloud, while other parts of their UC solution are hosted on-premise. If users wish to transfer more features to the cloud later on, the hybrid approach creates an easy path into a hosted solution. Cloud infrastructure is becoming the foundation for future communications technologies.

Functionality Over Form

Inforgraphic for Basic Requirements of UCaaSWith road warriors conquering the sea of people through planes, trains and various rental cars, mobile UC solutions are still a priority for many companies. However, where you host your business communications solutions may not be the question. Rather, you should ask about the functionality and cost of a particular deployment to see which works best for your company. Talking with unified communications vendors to get the right platform for your business communications is an important first step when looking to upgrade your business communications solution.

UNIVERGE BLUE Business Cloud Services by NEC is the solution that can handle your business communications needs with its high scalability, redundancy and flexibility. Your business is able to upgrade your UC solution at any time with SMART business communications. UNIVERGE BLUE’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) brings all of your services together in one place. Visit our Why Cloud Now page to learn more about our cloud communications offering. Download our white paper, Enhancing the User Experience with Cloud UC, to discover your UC options.